A BIT of a trip - on the Hippie Trail (1975)

In early 1975 a young couple, Mike and Gail, left the UK in search of adventure in distant lands and cultures.

They drove their VW camper overland across Europe and Asia using the BIT  Overland Guide to India, known as the 'Hippie Trail Bible'.

After returning to London after many adventures, their clothes, photos and memorabilia were stored away in an old traveller's chest in a family attic.

Here they stayed undisturbed until rediscovered more than 40 years later, a 1970s -traveller's time capsule.

This web site describes some of their experiences as recounted in their diaries, at a time before the civil war in Yugoslavia, the revolution in Iran and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Travel - a mind expanding experience

When I left the UK in 1975 to explore distant lands and cultures, I did not know what to expect. I had read about other countries and heard many stories from my parents generation but I wanted to experience them myself, both good and bad.

Many of the insights I gained travelling across Eastern Europe and Asia in the 1970s, shaped the way in which I would live my life on return to the UK. Although I experienced fear, frustration and incomprehension during these travels, I also experienced unexpected generosity, compassion and hospitality, often from complete strangers.  

The more I travelled, the more I realised just how lucky I was to be living in Western Europe, free from war and free to travel. We had the challenges of unemployment, debt and social unrest, not dissimilar to the challenges facing the young of today. But we also had youth on our side and believed we could help shape a better future for everyone.

Have a look inside the 1970s traveller's time capsule to read more about travelling overland to Nepal in 1975. Just click the 'Open Time Capsule' button below.  

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Mike studied electronic engineering to become a Chartered Engineer. He finished his training working for various industrial and aerospace companies in Bristol.  He went on to gain an MPhil and a PhD in Aerospace Information Systems Engineering and has enjoyed a successful career in both the private and public sectors. He lives in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.
Gail gained a BA in English from Bristol University and became a social worker in South Devon.  Gail later, while working for Student Services at Chelsea College, became a Sannyasin or follower of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho). Although disillusioned and unable to make a total break from her past, she spent time with the Rajneesh community in Oregon, USA, and then the Osho community in Corfu.  She died unexpectedly on her return to the UK from Corfu in November 2014.
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